Adam Silver Has Solution To Fixing NBA Rest Problem

Published On April 7, 2017 » 170 Views» NBA News
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Adam Silver has two ideas to help the NBA resting problem.

Fans are looking towards NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to step in and stop teams from resting NBA superstars. Silver discussed a solution to the problem regarding fans paying expensive tickets for live games and missing out on the reason for purchasing the tickets in the first place.

The Commissioner said the following about two specific ways to improve the issue:

“What we talked about among our owners was a sense of obligation to the game and what appropriate behavior is. And so what we concluded is if we could focus on these two issues, namely, to the extent [if] you’re resting, resting at home and avoiding resting multiple starters, especially in marquee games, we could solve a large part of the problem.”

Most fans only have one or two chances to see LeBron James all season. Benching him at home at least gives Cleveland fans another chance to see him for example. Super teams just one star per game would also find a common ground in entertaining the fans.

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