Chris Paul Talks About Leaving Clippers

Published On July 12, 2017 » 160 Views» NBA News
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The decision of Chris Paul to join the Houston Rockets with a sign and trade has changed the future of the Los Angeles Clippers. Without Paul, the Clippers are looking to build around Blake Griffin as the face of the future with new faces joining the roster. Paul discussed his decision to leave Los Angeles and how both sides needed the change.

“I feel like the last six years we’ve had a great run. I felt like it was not only a good time for change for me, but for the team, too. Everyone says, ‘We get killed. We can’t get there. We just can’t get over the hurdle.’ I felt like it was time for change.”

Paul’s thinking makes sense, but no team is better off losing one of the greatest point guards of all time.

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