Michael Jordan Claims Kobe Bryant Better Than LeBron

Published On August 2, 2017 » 88 Views» NBA News
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The debate between the recent all-time great players often spark a debate between the names of Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. James was recently asked to pick between Bryant and James during a question and answer session at a summer basketball camp.

Jordan made a snarky comment about “5 being greater than 3” in terms of rings as he picked Kobe over LeBron.

The logic of rings being the general ranking system seems foolish. Bill Russell has more rings than Jordan. The strong majority would agree James does more on the court and has contributed to more success for his teams than Bryant did.

There’s also the theory that Jordan is trying to discredit James. Bryant’s career is over and he did not pass Jordan. James still has a chance and Jordan is definitely thinking about that in his answer.

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