Udonis Haslem ‘Got ’em’ Pranks Miami Heat Teammates After Meal

Published On November 28, 2013 » 2396 Views» By Emmanuel Altenor » breaking news, humor
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Udonis Haslem caught a few of his Miami Heat teammates slipping, snapping a few “got ’em” pics of them dozing off after eating their Thanksgiving feast. At least we know the food turned out great, as the post-meal itis is always a clear indication. Check out the unsuspecting Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and friends get got below.

Thanks to my brother @kingjames for the meal. This is what happens when u eat good. Lol. #thatitis!!

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This is gettin outta hand. The itis whopping more ass then Tyson in the 90's. Lol. 5-0 and counting. @chrisbosh is now the latest victim. Lol.

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Just when u thought it was over. Lol. Down goes @rayn34. The itis is now 6-0. I know my time is coming but the hell with it. The itis will stop a train. Lol.

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Mama there goes that man. Lol. The itis is now 4-0. Down goes @mchalmers15. Lol. I can't lie. I'm gettin a lil woozy my damn self. Lol.

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Oh. We ain't done. Checkout @stevon_cash8. Lol. The itis strikes again. Lol. I got first dibs on the bathroom. Lol.

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He even caught assistant coach Bob McAdoo.

Oh boy! The itis strikes again. Down goes McAdoo. The itis is 3-0 so far. Lol.

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Michael Beasley got a little retribution, catching Haslem and also Thanksgiving host LeBron James.

1,2,3 ding ding Haa…by @stevon_cash8 "Down goes haslem @ud40 #esf #getmeigetU #nopun" via @InstaReposts

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Michael Beasley "got 'em" on LeBron James as LeBron hosted his Miami Heat teammates for Thanksgiving.

And just cuz you supplied the venue @kingjames #esf #lilbrogotcha #justgotcaughtinthecrossfire


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